Ascendly Evolves – Summer 2020 Roadmap

We’ve got a deal for you!

Our students are responsible for our success and we would like to share that with you!  Take advantage of our new referral program.  Bring a friend that is new to Ascendly and we will credit you $75 toward your classes.  When your friend registers, have them enter your name in the “How you heard about us” field and once they have paid and started their class, we will refund $75 of your tuition.  Bring multiple friends and we will credit any money beyond your current tuition toward future classes.

Ascendly Evolves:  Class Updates

We are constantly trying to evaluate our processes and procedures to make sure we offer the best classes and camps possible.  Part of this evaluation includes the communication of our goals and product descriptions to ensure that they are accurately and efficiently described.  We also strive to grow and continue to add classes that will expand kids’ engineering experiences.  Therefore, we are making the following changes related to our classes. 

  • We have modified the titles of our “Lego Engineering: Creative Constructionclasses.  We have put more identifying information in the titles and removed the numbers from the titles.  There was much confusion surrounding the sequencing of the classes.  The classes are not sequenced, just different.  The course names now reflect the differences without those numbers that seemed to imply a sequence.  Please note that the original courses have not changed.
  • We will be introducing a new series called “Rise to the Challenge.”  These courses give kids the chance to put their engineering skills to work. You will see both LEGO and non-LEGO versions of this class.  The non-LEGO versions use household-type items to accomplish the stated challenges, e.g. toothpicks, popsicle sticks, rubber bands, cotton balls, etc.
  • We have moved to a bi-weekly schedule for our upcoming classes.  You will notice that going forward, our classes will start the first and third weeks of the month.  This change will enable us to congregate our students and have more kids in the classes, providing a more enjoyable environment.

Although we began our online classes in response to the pandemic, we intend to continue our business online even after the world moves on to its new “normal.”  We are currently exclusively online.  If in-person classes resume in the fall at schools, we will most likely continue online due to the impracticality of sanitizing the thousands of LEGO bricks used in our classes on a daily basis.  Safety of the kids is always our number one priority and overrides our desire to get back to “normal.”