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Virtual Classes

We partner with families to offer 8-week
classes that will challenge and engage your young engineer.

In-person and Online Camps

We partner with schools and families to offer week-long full-day and half-day camps for curious young engineers.

Enrichment Programs

We partner with organizations and schools
to offer electrical engineering and lego programs to their students

Guided STEM Exploration

Our classes embraces the belief that if given fun and
engaging projects, even the youngest students learn
to think like an engineer.

Ascendly’s Stats



We offer all types of classes from Creative Construction, Structural Engineering and Electrical Engineering.



Since Ascendly’s inception, we’ve served almost 3,700 students to date!



Ascendly has worked with approximately 75 schools and organizations to date.


“My daughter is normally very shy and timid, especially on video calls and with strangers. She felt so comfortable today that she chatted the class’s proverbial ear off.

Cynthia B.

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