How-To: Join and participate in an online class

System Requirements

  • iOS, iPad, & Android: Zoom App
  • Mac: Zoom App or Chrome Browser
  • PC: Zoom App or Chrome Browser

Joining a Class

You will receive a Zoom link to join your class with your class welcome letter. This link will be used for every session in your class.

  • Select the link to join your class.
  • Click on the picture of the microphone in the bottom left-hand corner to turn your microphone off/on.
  • Click on the picture of the video camera to turn your video off/on .

Participating in a Class

Helping your kids transition to online classes.

  • Teach your kids how to mute/unmute their microphones.  When we begin a class, we will mute all of the students’ microphones.  The current technology brings the person who is speaking (or making noise) to the forefront so everyone can see who is speaking.  This can become a problem if a student (or anyone in their household) makes any type of noise whether intentionally or unintentionally.  For example, at our house, our puppies can be quite distracting while I am on video or conference calls.
  • Encourage kids to set LEGOs aside until the challenge is given.  We do this during an in-person class, but do not have this ability in an online class. When kids start building while the teacher is speaking, they frequently do not hear the instructions completely.
  • Teach them how to submit a question via the Q&A box.

Online etiquette rules

Many of the same rules in our physical classroom apply in our online classroom.

  • Come to class on time.
  • Eliminate distractions from around you.
  • Only one person speaks at a time. 
  • Listen while others are speaking.
  • Only ask questions that are relevant to the class.
  • Avoid Acronyms.  Others may not know what they mean.
  • Do not make crazy noises that distract from the class.
  • Point out the best parts of someone else’s creations rather than the flaws.