The best of our traditional summer camps are now online STEM camps!

Over the next 8 weeks, join us for the Online LEGO® Camp that grows with you. This engineering focused camp used LEGO® bricks to help turn a student’s LEGO® passion, into an Engineering passion.   Enroll in multiple camps, and the concepts will grow with the kids each week.  New Engineering Concepts and New LEGO® Challenges each week. Use your own LEGO® bricks or purchase a base kit from us during the registration process, or use a combination of the two.

  • Engineering Concepts to strengthen your knowledge
  • LEGO® Building Techniques to enhance your building skills
  • Engineering Challenges to illustrate concepts
  • Interactive Games to get kids moving.

What to Expect

The Ascendly online camp embraces the belief that if given fun and engaging projects, the youngest students learn to think like engineers, even online:

  • The camp transitions them from simply following instructions to becoming problem formulators and problem solvers
  • The camp also encourages students to design their own use-cases that tell a story of how an aspect of the project will eventually be used and to present those stories to the class. 
  • While still mindful of the limitations of working with such young students, the course teaches engineering vocabulary, construction skills, and the engineering design process.

Online LEGO® Camp sessions offered throughout the day

The camp which will be 3 hours a day will introduce kids to an engineering concept and a building technique each day.  We will then present challenges which give that kids the opportunity to illustrate those concepts.  In between, we will play some games that will give them a chance to interact and move around.  Finally, kids will design their own projects to work on throughout the week.

  • Morning – 9:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT
  • Afternoon – 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm EDT
  • Evening – 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Enroll in multiple camps and receive increasing discounts – learn more about referrals and discounts here.

Camp vs. Class?

Online Virtual Camps are three hour blocks of engineering instruction that meet every day for a week. They include activities around the house or room to keep kids moving and engaged (since three hours would be too long to not move around!).

Online Classes meeting for one hour at a time, usually twice a week, and focus on a single engineering topic.

Both types of activities are great ways to engage your young engineer and the right choice should be driven by schedules and learning styles.

Sample Project

The students have the engineering design process driven home by experiencing visceral and laugh-out-loud consequences.  For example, one step of the design process is to ask questions to better understand the problem and to articulate use cases.  Initially, the kids tend not to ask very many questions, but an early project, involving building a high-rise structure, has them experience those logical ramifications. When they fail to determine the geographic location of the final structure, they are surprised to learn the building is meant for California.  Their curiosity increases when they hear about the earthquakes that Californians have to live through.  The students find it hilarious when the teacher asks the student to shake their creations, seeing if they will topple over.  By the last day, all the kids eagerly explore the problem-space before they start building, just like a good engineer.

Not ready for camp? Try our online classes

If camps don’t quite fit your schedule, join us for a twice-weekly hour-long online class.

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