The Courses

These are the core Ascendly courses. All of these are (or can be) available at your local school. Some classes are also available as an online class that your child can take at home.

COVID 19 Notice: If you were taking an in-person class, you can enroll for the relevant online-version here.

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LEGO Structures

Towers, Bridges, and Castles with LEGO

A Jr. Structural Engineering Course

Become a junior builder and make amazing LEGO creations! You will learn core structural engineering concepts while building cool creations like towers, bridges and castles. There are no instruction booklets in this class – you will use your imagination to build these structures while learning the engineering behind them. So while your buildings will look cool on the outside, they will be rock-solid on the inside, ready to withstand an onslaught from earthquakes, boulders, and even hurricanes. (Also available online)

LEGO Designs

Creative Engineering with Blueprints, Sketches, and Communication

A Jr. Structural Engineering Course

Design and build amazing LEGO creations! Think like an engineer while learning to read simplified blueprints (very different than LEGO instructions) and even make your own blueprints.  Share your great ideas with fellow engineers by telling the story behind each LEGO creation you make. Test your creations and learn to build like an engineering master. (Also available online)

Ascendly-WoodSCE-Maddie-Build-IMG_2155.jpgWooden Structure and Contraption Engineering

Balance, Wiggle, Crash!

A Jr. Structural Engineering Course

Do you love to build and are you looking for new directions for your construction expertise? Create crazy structures like towers and winding ball contraptions with thousands of wooden planks and hone your structural engineering skills. This class is full of open-ended projects where you can use your imagination and learn all about engineering. You’ll be blown away by the huge structures you’re able to create.

Jr. Energy Wizards

Zap, Pow, Lights On!

A Jr. Electrical Engineering Course

Come unlock the mysteries of electricity with the Energy Wizards. We will learn how to safely harness the power of electricity, and make some AMAZING creations. Our fun, hands-on, projects range from playing with light-up Squishy Circuits (using electrified play-dough!) to creating pop-up & light-up greeting cards. If you like to take stuff apart, aspire to invent, or are just curious about modern electronics, join us and and become an Energy Wizard!

Electrical Inventions

Making Electric Gadgets

A Sr. Electrical Engineering Course

Come join us and create great electrical inventions after school. Each class session, students are introduced to a new electrical engineering concept or create a new electricity-based creation. Fun, hands-on, projects ranging from lighting up a 7 segment display or making an electromagnet to creating your own electric burglar alarm. These are not toys or kits – they are real projects for real electrical engineers. If you like to strip wire, stack batteries, invent robots, or are just curious about modern electronics, then channel that creative energy with Electrical Inventions.

Motor Mayhem: Mechanical and Electrical Motors for Vehicles

Bust a move and crash some cars.

A Sr. Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Course

Come explore the ways of motors – from simple air blasts to over-clocked electric motors.  You will make helicopters, and airplanes.   Explore rockets and make your own stomp rocket assembly.  Wrap up with electric motors and your very own electric car.  Almost all of these will crash at least once, so be ready for extreme mayhem.

LEGO Engineering Challenge 

Build, Tilt, and Bend with LEGO

A Sr. Structural Engineering Course

Beyond junior LEGO, get ready for the big LEGO challenges.  Bring your hard-core creative juices and move beyond the square world of traditional LEGOs.This isn’t about structures, nor LEGO bricks, it’s about a way of thinking  Each lesson teaches critical thinking, brainstorming, planning, testing, and refining – but then move beyond a square world as you tilt, turn, roll, and twist your creations.   (Also available online)

Lego Engineering:  Creative Construction

Famous Buildings of the World

A Sr. Art and Structural Engineering Course

Learn to use pieces in unconventional ways while building great masterpieces.  Construct buildings shaped like animals, robots and pyramids. Work together to build the Great Wall of China. Create an upside-down house.  Meet the challenges presented each week while placing your own creative stamp on them. (Also available online)

Rise to the Challenge 

Investigate, Explore, Create

A Mechanical & Structural Engineering Course

Expand your engineering skills! This is about using your ideas to solve problems creatively. Take your resources and make them into something exciting. How do you build the tower higher? How do you make the pingpong ball travel the zip line quicker? How do you build a bridge that spans the whole room? Explore the concepts of force, friction, velocity, and gravity. Rise to the challenge and stretch your abilities. (Also available online)