LEGO® Engineering Challenge

Learn to think like an engineer with Ascendly’s LEGO® Engineering Challenge

With the LEGO® Engineering Challenge, your child can continue their engineering education by delving deeply into the Engineering Design Process:

Problem Formulation → Brainstorming → Planning → Building →Testing → Refining

Each lesson provides fun, and open-ended, challenges that leads the students through a repeatable, yet flexible, approach towards problem solving.

Course features:

  • Thinking like an engineer by asking questions, brainstorming, planning, building, testing, and refining
  • Real engineering design process instruction
  • Real building challenges

The Ascendly LEGO® Engineering Challenge course embraces the belief that if given fun and engaging projects, even the youngest students learn to think like engineers:

  • Each lesson focuses on the problem solving process, helping turn students into problem formulators and problem solvers.
  • Students each solve the engineering challenge differently, giving them opportunities to learn from each other and to stretch their own creativity.
  • While still mindful of the limitations of working with such young students, the course teaches engineering vocabulary and the Engineering Design Process, fostering their critical thinking skills and encouraging a disciplined approach towards problem solving.