Online Enrichment for Groups (Coming Soon)

No instruction booklets. No toy kits. Just real exploration.

For Parents

If you are registering for an Ascendly class at your school, either click the registration link above, or follow the instructions for your specific school.

If you would like to bring Ascendly classes to your school, feel free to contact us.  We’ll work with you to pilot a class.

For PTOs

Outside of DC and New England, we have flexible programs to come to your community or to bootstrap an enrichment program at your school.  Contact us and we’ll work together to bring STEM enrichment to your community.

For Principals

If your community wants some great STEM enrichment classes, then contact us and we can walk you through, step-by-step, how to establish a worthy after-school enrichment program.  We can help with classes, hiring (outside instructors or in-school teachers), registration, and ongoing operations.  We have experience at dozens of schools and can share best-practices and help you decide what works for you.

Stay Updated with Newsletter

Stay informed about upcoming online engineering camp and class offerings, occasional kid activities, and related news.