Leading Tools for PTAs & PTOs

I deal with more PTAs and PTOs than most people. Being a pretty hard core software geek, one of things I love is seeing the different ways these groups use technology to make their lives easier – probably with varying degrees of success.

All of the software I’ve observed is web based, and seems to solve one, of three, broad problems. The first problem is that of simply creating and maintaining a website for the PTA. The second is that of making it easier for parents to buy and pay for things. Lastly, there are tools to help coordinate volunteers.

Don’t take the categories too seriously. Many of these cross over. Just Between Friends, for example, allows for payments.

After-School Registration Software


Website Tools

Directory Tools

Payment Tools

Volunteer Tools


      • Cvent – Used for enrichment planning used by big companies, too.
      • Enrichment Matters – Closed garden after school activities in a box.
      • Form Site – forms and payments
      • School Chase (www.schoolchase.com) – my own offering that I’m hoping to bring online pretty soon.