LEGO® T-Shirt Ideas

I’ve been working on some T-Shirt ideas.  Right now, I’m thinking that I might be able to sell the shirts as a way to raise money for The Ascendly Institute.  If the volume is high enough then I can get the shirts for about $10 bucks each, so if I sell a few shirts at say $20, then it would be enough to sponsor a disadvantaged student.  For now though, I won’t have enough volume to reach those prices and I’m mainly hoping to figure out if any of the shirts are cool enough for people to buy and to learn whether or not  enough people buy them to make it worthwhile.  I hope to have things sorted out before BrickFair this summer.

When in doubt, add more bricks!
It’s only tall… if it touches the ceiling!

I really like this one, mainly because one of our first projects is to build a structure that reaches the ceiling.

This engineer plays well with bricks!

This one reminds me that I’m not a good drawer.