How it’s done in Finaland

Just finished watching The Finland Phenomenon. Cool documentary on why Finland is at the top. Sadly, not on Netflix. — JJ Rohrer (@ascendlyJJ) October 21, 2011

Distance Learning

RT @lisa_rohrer: The University of Wherever: Higher Ed disruption. Can this apply to after school programs? I hope so — JJ Rohrer (@ascendlyJJ) October 4, 2011

Fun LEGO Photo

Did you ever feel like this? It is hard to be plastic, and unloved. #Lego — JJ Rohrer (@ascendlyJJ) August 6, 2011

Our New Tagline

After rebranding the company as Ascendly, which is a nice, but very generic name, the need for a tagline become clear. A good tagline can, in about second, tell someone new to the company just about everything they need to know about the firm. It can answer: What does the firm do? Why does the …

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