Our New Tagline

After rebranding the company as Ascendly, which is a nice, but very generic name, the need for a tagline become clear. A good tagline can, in about second, tell someone new to the company just about everything they need to know about the firm. It can answer:

  • What does the firm do?
  • Why does the firm exists?
  • How does the firm do what it does?
  • How does the firm think?
  • Is this firm right for me?

The name “Ascendly,” in and of itself, does not tell much about the firm, other than a vague “upward” feeling. I want to convey that Ascendly is designed primarily for after-school education, mainly for engineering and other s.t.e.m. (sciene, technology, engineering, math) topics. I want to convey that we teach even the youngest kids. I want to convey that we teach long-term payback, we’re thinking big. I want a bit of fun and whimsy. I want a smile.

The new tagline:

Building the creators of tomorrow, right after school.