Photo of a journal with pen, sitting atop a pile of 2x2 orange bricks

LEGO® Poem: LEGOS in My Life

I wrote this LEGO® poem for my son’s (2nd grade) and his classes’s poem cafe and open mic event. Sort of a parent-child poetry jam.

I really love LEGOs.  I love them a lot.

I love them more than my big sister, Dot.

I love them more than the sun shines in the sky.

I am just a LEGO guy. I guess this is why:

I build a new world and I feel some pride.

I get a compliment and just glow inside.

But, there are too many in my room, to be fair,

I once found one stuck in my hair.

When I grow up, I hope I’ll still get my kicks

By building stuff with LEGO bricks.

Epilogue to the LEGO® Poem: “LEGOS in My Life”

I wrote this over nine years ago, about the same time I started Ascendly. Little did I expect this would be one of the main ways people find our site.